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July 29, 2019

The Lipton Cup Committee would like to thank all who helped to make the Lipton Cup Regatta a success.  The Lipton Cup Results can be found at:


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SYC Sailing program

The Sailing program will run from June through August for ages 8 through 14.

The instructors are certified as US Sailing level 1 instructors trained in CPR and first aid.

Registration materials will be made available shortly.  To speed up registration you can gather some information that you will need to complete the registration process more quickly when you do get the materials - every parent/guardian is familiar with the "health forms" you get from your child's pediatrician.  This form is given to schools each year and to most organized sports programs. One of the health department requirements for "camps" is that we have on record the information generally found on these health forms - included is the date of last doctor’s visit, immunization status and brief medical history/activity restrictions. This is NOT the full medical record of your child. This form/information is REQUIRED of every participant in the program this year - so contact your pediatrician now and get the form for each of your kids that is participating this year.

Registration information will be available shortly.  Please check back.

Also - we are required to confirm that all participants meet the 8 years old by July 1st minimum age requirement. To do so, we ask that all first-year participants have a Birth Certificate for registration. We will look at the certificate to confirm the date of birth and will return the Certificate. We will not keep the Certificate.


The program is full day - 9am to noon and then again 1pm to 4pm. Monday through Thursday.



The full fee for the program is due at the time of registration. No exceptions. Although this program is likely the cheapest 8-week program you will ever find - we are trying to keep the cost in line with last year's rates.


We will require valid email addresses for each family and each parent will be required to give a valid cell phone number for emergency contact purposes. Think about it - you are at the office - your kids are lucky enough to be out sailing - a storm approaches and you see the skies darkening. Wouldn't it be great to get a text message telling you that your child(ren) are safe and sound in the building and are not still out on the bay?